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Joining Primer for the first in our new Summer Mix Series is the Solo Project of OK EG's Lauren Squire AKA Zosia Kossak.


Joining us next in the summer mix series is none other than much loved up and coming Narrm-based producer, Riley Gower aka Fibre Optixxx.


Gifted Bristol duo, Cando join us for a remarkable Valentine’s Day edition in the Primer Summer Mix Series. Featuring some of their own musings on love and life, and a plethora of Bristol sounds, this passionate playlist is the only V Day companion you’ll need.


Sara Manojlović, a much loved dance floor participant and also behind the scenes operator, joins us for a vibrant trip through her vast collection featuring some rare cultural gems among a swag weapons from local friends and beyond.


Underground operator LOIF is a top draft pick among a swath of Melbourne heads, due in part to his phenomenal self-released productions, as well as his hi-octane-fun and much lauded DJ sets..


We welcome Chis Jackson, more affectionately known as Allure, of Neurocrank notoriety to the Primer Mix series. 


The multi-talented Rated M joins us for an ultra-danceable instalment of the Primer Mix Series.

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