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How have you been doing? What have you been working on? And what's been inspiring you lately?

I've been good. I was working on finding a new job, and I did that, so now i'm just trying to keep up with the post iso traffic. In saying that, the events, people, and work that i'm trying to juggle is also tied so closely with what has been inspiring me. I am so lucky to have some incredibly talented people so close to me and it keeps me going. You can't rest when you run events with people like Nebula, they don't stop and it means you can't either. I swear they've found a way to dig discogs in their sleep.

Allure shot by Floss Dogg

We welcome Chris Jackson, more affectionately known as Allure, of Neurocrank notoriety to the Primer Mix series. Throwing parties with brain trust, Nebula since 2019, and coming back in full force post-lockdown, the trio have quickly become favourites in a new gen of trailblazers in Naarm.

Tell us about the mix.

I can never help but delve into all the corners of my musical universe. It reflects all the people around me who inspire me to want to play certain stuff. I always try to blend it all together in a diverse but flowing mix. I love the journey of dipping from a 90's underworld track or Ears on Earth release into gritty minimal and bouncy tech house. I think my Melt mix was the first place I learn't I could do that, I realised I just had to trust myself. 


In saying that, this mix did push my boundaries. There's a couple of weird ones, most notably Kniffel by John Spring. It's 2005 so you can never be sure. I mulled over it on Beatport for a fair while thinking "no, I'm pretty certain I love this." I sent it to Riley (Fibre Opitxx) and Harrison (Al Dente), they have very similar taste and brilliant musical minds, so i knew i could run the mid 2000's check past them. 


I'm lucky to have built up a decent home setup. It sits in the living room, so it was recorded there with some housemate foot traffic. I was so excited to record it and threw together all my favourite recent finds, plus some tracks from friends. Then I just had to wait for a window where no one in the house was doing uni, shoutout to my housemates for their tolerance.

What's your best dance floor memory?

That't tough but I always come back to DJ HMC at Lounge. That really opened my musical mind. That was one of those night’s I learnt about trusting your ear. If something is unconventional, and doesn't fit the usual categories of whatever it is that you usually hear, doesn't mean its not going to go off on the dance floor. He played Anti-orgasm by Spank Protest, a track I’ve started playing again as of late. It’s this crazy techno track and one I would’ve never thought of playing as its pretty intense. But seeing my reaction and the reactions of those around me taught me a lot. Also I think he was playing CD’s…talk about 2000’s chic.

Who are the artists you most want to see play now that dancefloors are opening back up, and at what clubs/festivals? 

I think it's fair to say Solar Suite has had a crazy 2020/2021, he is blowing up. The international impact both he and DJ Life have had can't be understated. Cassiopeia push a sound very similar to Neurocrank, so we tend to love everything each other do. Plus, Liam Richards is making some incredible tracks, one of which is in this mix. Hannah D is the gift to Naarm we didn't deserve, but I've been lucky enough to form an unofficial little b2b duo with her. DJ Netburner is someone everyone should look out for. She's starting to pick up gigs and it won't stop once the people hear. I'm excited for Voy Del parties to be back on, those guys are so talented. Unrestricted Purpose is the new party in town, and they've started off really strong. Plus, the park parties have been non-stop, that's been super sick but super detrimental to my health...

"This mix is dedicated to..."

Everyone in the Naarm community. The diversity of tracks in this mix is because of all the inspirational people around me. I was sick last weekend and couldn't go out. I missed the music, but I missed seeing everyone more. There are just so many good people here, and it makes it about more than just the music.

You can't rest when you run events with people like Nebula, they don't stop and it means you can't either.

I love the journey of dipping from a 90's underworld track or Ears on Earth release into gritty minimal and bouncy tech house.

Drum Club - Sound System (Underworld Mix)
Sexus - The Official End Of It All (Axis Mundi Edit)
Drum Club - Alchemy (Phasers on Stun)
Omni AM - Smurfette's Big Night
The Odori Allstars - Who's the DJ? 
Sakro - No Time To Explain
Al Dente - Cadet (Unreleased)
Reflex Blue - 909 NRG (Transit State Remix)
Mark Henning - Mahlzeit!
Sichuan - Mugen
Brian Aneurysm - Amplified
Akufen - Quebec Nightclub
Rene Breitbarth - Fruh Aufsteh'n
Matheiu - Midnight Breakfast
John Tejeda & Justin Maxwell - Mind Bend
John Spring - Kniffel
Tactics of Bass - Tactics of bass
Haris - dumbek
Apoll - Reisefieber 
Renzo - Power within (unreleased)
Zambezi Moon - unreleased
DJ Life - Skeletal 
Etienne - Digital Commando
Jandy Rainbow - Organanic
Dimensional Holofonic Sound - Watch The Sky 
The Buddy System - Dubb Selekta
Eoin DJ - 2 The Dawn (dub)
F - Full Throttle
Explicit Joy - Aqua Mania (unreleased)
Solar Suite - Slingshot (Roza Terenzi Remix) (Unreleased)

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