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How have you been doing? What have you been working on? And what's been inspiring you lately?


I've been .... ok? In terms of what I've been working on... Learning how to solve a Rubik's Cube via Youtube tutorials and learning British Sign Language... My inspiration during lockdown has been Dido's - "Life for rent" album (the production quality is some of the best I’ve heard). Apart from that, the rapid growth and progression of Jurango has really revived my motivation for writing music, along with the INVT guys from Miami.    



Good thanks, we don't get the chance to do too many sessions in person at present, so recently we've been doing zoom sessions and revisiting some old material and ideas we've been sat on for a while.


We find lots of inspiration from short videos on Instagram which contain interesting patterns and soundscapes. We drag them into Ableton and warp them around to generate rhythms and melodies as a starting point for new tracks.

SOY BOY - Only (Cando - Talking Love Edit) 

Cando - 14U Dub Mix


Ghost Phone - Ize Kashmir 

Sunun - Msg Inna Stab 

Leif - July V

Toma Kami - Land Of The Insane 

??? - ??? 

??? - ??? 

??? - ??? 

INVT - MUNDOS - Salimos Del Sol 

Crypticz - Nightshifters Groove 

Padre Oe - Wide Awake 

Jabu ft Sunun - Lately 

Jurango - Compassed 

Chad and Owen (C and O) are Cando, our new friends from way across the ditch, Bristol, UK. A city of less than half a million, Bristol has churned out more than its fair share of talent, and abundance of impressive imprints; Livity Sound, Timedance, Idle Hands et al. First catching our eye with their 2019 Livity Sound release, Bleak / Sundown, (a well-rinsed record in the Sub Club basement) we’re very blessed to have the talented duo join us for a remarkable Valentine’s Day edition. Featuring some of their own musings on love and life, and a plethora of Bristol sounds, this passionate playlist is the only V Day companion you’ll need.

Tell us about this mix. 


I really enjoyed putting this mix together even though it was possibly the most difficult one thus far… For me, it depicts the various stages of romantic relationships. However, I’d like to leave the rest up to the listener’s interpretation. 99% of the mix comes from Bristol artists and labels and showcases the lighter/romantic side of “The Bristol Sound” which isn’t widely known outside of Bristol. A lot of these tracks are shared and listened to with friends at after-parties and exist in a world outside of dancefloors. 


Some standouts in this for me are; Jabu ft Sunun - Lately, Ghost Phone’s -  “Ize Kashmir”, Jurango’s - “Compassed”, “ONLY” produced by Owen under one of his many aliases “SOY BOY” merged with “Talking Love” by myself and Owen which begins with dialogue of a hungover debate about “Love” between two friends and later appears in snippets throughout the mix.


It was recorded at my home studio with mentorship and guidance from a few friends. Special shout to Silas Gray & Anthony Child.

What's your best dancefloor memory?



Seeing Batu play in 2012 at a village pub in Oxfordshire organised by our College for the Final Major Project of the music students.... There were around 30/40 people in attendance half of which had no idea what was going on... but it was special… I think that experience really widened my perspective on the type of music I now listen to, play and make.     



You're more likely to find me in the kitchen at parties.

Who are the artists you most want to see play when dancefloors open back up, and at what events?


Dido in concert, General Ludd at the Island in Bristol, Anina (from Bristol) in any basement! and Mohamed Reza Mortazavi literally anywhere!



I've got tickets to see Bon Iver next year and like festivals like the Great Escape in Brighton where you can wander around and discover loads of new artists.

This mix is dedicated to...

Lol, Anyone with an ex?

"A lot of these tracks are shared and listened to with friends at after-parties and exist in a world outside of dancefloors."

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