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Fibre Optixxx shot by Floss Dogg


How have you been doing? What have you been working on? And what's been inspiring you lately?

I've been good! Mostly filling my time with working and making music, as well as making up for lost time and seeing friends as much as possible. I'm slowly finishing up a new EP i've been writing throughout the last year or so, which is inspired pretty heavily by mid 2000s minimal.

Tell us about this mix. 

I've been dying to do a min-techy sorta mix for ages now. There's a lot of new ro-minimal type tracks in there which i think are really playful and fun. I put an old M_nus track in there too which is called ISO by a German duo called Niederflur, who made a lot of really cool glitchy stuff in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Another stand out track and one i've been bumping is Plastic Fantasy by Vani-T, which was released on a local Melbourne label called Mind Map. Iota who runs that label is definitely one of mt favorite artists currently so i'd definitely keep my eyes peeled for forthcoming stuff of theirs. There's also a new one of mine which will hopefully be out soon, and is a little taste of the new tunes I've been making.

What's your best d-floor memory?

One of the more wholesome dancefloor moments and one I'll remember for life would be the fog rolling in at 6am towards the end of Sleep D's closing set at Hopkins in 2019. Jnett's set that weekend was also completely otherworldly. Another would be getting to witness Zanzibar Chanel perform live before they split up, their stage presence was a vibe that never left me and I still get goosebumps to this day thinking about that party. There are plenty of others but I'm not sure they're appropriate lol.

Who are the artists you most want to see play when dancefloors open back up, and at what events?

Very keen to catch Iota play out. Kia is also very high on my list, her label Animalia has become pretty much a buy on sight for me. Nebula, Allure and the whole Neurocrank crew have also been absolutely crushing it, and their parties rule. Explicit Joy and his Cassiopeia parties are also a big fav and always go off. Otherwise I'm just super keen for a good ol' fashion bush doof for a couple days, here's hoping for Hopkins 2021?

This mix is dedicated to...

the sweat drenched dance floor in the early hours of the morning.

Fibre Optixxx shot by Floss Dogg

Fibre Optixxx, shot by Floss Dogg

Fibre Optixxx Primer art by Mikaela Stafford

Kubrick - Downside Up

Julian - Club Spacecraft

DumitrEscu - Modular Depths

Niederflur - ISO

Dan Curtin - Eevo Devon

Rino Cerone - Ordinary Morning

Tyrell Dub Corp - Replicant

Feral - Devious Path

Crihan - A Doua Dimensiune

Veruh - Purhz

Serpentino - Sirena Ahogada

Vani-T - Plastic Fantasy

Constant Black - Everyday I Spend With You

Fibre Optixxx - Ambergriss

John Tejada & Tin Man - Diamond Lanes

Vâyu - Nysa

Si Begg - Bangin

Joining us next in the summer mix series is none other than much loved up and coming Narrm-based producer, Riley Gower aka Fibre Optixxx. Riley has been making waves around Melbourne's underground with his forward-thinking DJ sets and smashing 12” debut on Potatoheadz Records with the homie DJ Life.

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