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Floss Dogg of Primer, Astro Girl and WIP Project notoriety, is a genre-spanning DJ with a soft spot for UK sounds. Mostly exploring Techno, Minimal and Bass during her club sets, Floss also likes to dig deep, exploring UKG, hip hop and experimental genres during her monthly shows on Skylab Radio and Hope St Radio; Arvo Girls and Primer World.


A regular fixture at venues across Melbourne, Floss has also made her mark at 

://about blank (Berlin), much-loved festivals Hopkins Creek, A Weekend With and Something Unlimited as well as contributing to events and publications such as Warning, Novel, Houses In Motion, Lucid, Whitvoir, FBi Radio, PBS FM, Rinse France, Dub Lab LA and more.


Floss Dogg is a major supporter of the Melbourne underground, always at the party and keeping an ear to the ground for new releases from her peers, as well as supporting marginalised folks in the biz with her free online database of Women and GNC talent, the WIP Project.


Finally her club night, Primer has seen her host artists such as Kuniyuki (JAP), Dita (IND), John Gomez & Nick the Record (UK),  Mary Lake (NL), DJ Normal 4 (GER), Big Ever (GER), Jex Opolis (USA), Francis Inferno Orchestra (USA), Nice Girl (NZ) Darcy Justice, Andras, Adriana, and more.

Booking info


Tech rider: 

  • Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer preferred / flexible

  • 2x Turntables and/or

  • 2x linked CDJs


Diversity clause:

Primer Worldwide Managed artists will only play on intersectionally diverse lineups. Your overall booking history must also illustrate this.

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Vinyl-only warm-up set recorded live at the Sub Club


Novelcast Mix Series.


DJ Normal 4 invites Floss Dogg to Berlin-based label Warning's Mix Series.


Vinyl-only warm-up set recorded live at the Sub Club


Novelcast Mix Series

Local Knowledge

Bristol sound showcase set for Local Knowledge, live on Kiss FM



FAST 10:

Floss Dogg

"We chat to the Melbourne underground scene’s ‘it girl’ about who she looks up to and what empowers her…"

Floss Dogg's Isolation Monopoly

"This Unofficial Monopoly Board Featuring Melbourne’s Best Bars Makes for an Excellent Isolation Drinking Game."

Beats by Beat:


"Primer are passionate about diversity in both their sound and culture, and for lucky Beat readers, they’ve curated a mix as steezy as themselves."



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