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Sayro Sara Manojlović for Primer


How have you been doing? What have you been working on? And what's been inspiring you lately?

I’m in a good place now after what was a year spent retreating into personal projects and working on my inner self, mental health and creative process. I’m thankful to have returned to my studies as it pushed me to spend lockdown exploring other avenues of my filmmaking in deep focus mode, completing two short films which I directed, edited and composed. I’m currently developing these concepts further, working towards a feature-length project to submit to the film festival circuit as well as collaborating with Naarm-based artist, Quell, to provide accompanying visuals for their upcoming EP which will be released in March.


This time last year I had the privilege of working on live visuals for C.FRIM’s unforgettable Golden Plains set and am looking forward to collaborating with her once more at Meadow festival in April. I am constantly inspired by the immense amount of talent by which I am surrounded, the beautiful support network I have around me and the diverse creative scene in Naarm/Melbourne, spanning a range of art forms.


As I start to shake off some initial nerves around releasing mixes and sharing my musical selections, I’ve begun working on an upcoming mix on Steeplejack which sees me tapping into a side of my collection that few hear, whilst also delving into some more of my downtempo, ambient, RnB collection, and more of the music I grew up listening to for Queen Claddy’s mix series, Cool, Calm & Collected.

Sayro Sara Manojlović for Primer

Sayro shot by Floss Dogg

Sayro Sara Manojlović for Primer

Endless - Quell (Unreleased)

Water Maze - Stenny __ILIAN TAPE

Ederlezi - Goran Bregović __Time of the Gypsies 

The Third Body - 48 Cameras __ Chosen Songs

Not A Crossing - Giant Swan 

Den Feind den Seh Ich Nicht - Geier Aus Stahl __ Lustpoderosa

Fabaceae Family - Nice Girl

6AM - emkay __ AL GHARIB

Quarantek - LOIF

Čekajući Ljubav - Želkjo Malnar 

Tunnel Runner - Reptant - AL GHARIB

Hydralite - Sleep D - Butter Sessions

Interzone - ioita & Sam Brickel - Animalia

Untitled - Zambezi Moon (Unreleased)

Ender (Original Mix) - Al Wootton

Vazda (Adam Collins Remix) - Lale & CVTKVC - Brosh

The Gobbler - Desert Sound Colony

Automatic - Nikki Nair __ Power Tool

Fly Away ft. Synthima - aitch __ Typeless

Sanguino - Rain Dogs

Put the Blame on Mame - Rita Hayworth - Gilda 

Perilous Woman - Rain Dogs

Sara Manojlović, a much loved dance floor participant and also behind the scenes operator, joins us for a vibrant trip through her vast collection featuring some rare cultural gems among a swag weapons from local friends and beyond.


A multi-talented operator, Sara’s tripped out visuals have featured to much acclaim at Golden Plains, and her love for film and visual art translates into this mix, drawing cues from experimental cinema and artist movements.

Tell about the mix.

Venturing into a more experimental auditory sphere, the mix reads as an audio-collage, incorporating dialogue and film scores blended with sounds spanning from Naarm (Melbourne) to Belgrade, Beirut to Belgium. A progression and blend of different music that intrigues me, drawing from artists and movements that inspire me.


Inspired by the No-Wave movement and the experimental cinema of Melbourne’s Super-8 scene of the 1970s-80s, this mix is a choppy cross-genre exploration spanning from minimal, breakbeat, post-punk, darkwave as well as featuring some of my favourite records—from Nice Girl, 48 Cameras and a compilation from Zürch-based record label, Lustpoderosa


I spend a lot of time digging on Bandcamp or in an eternal YouTube vortex. The mix also features some tracks from local talent Sleep D & LOIF, as well as new releases from Rain Dogs’ debut album.


A mention to dear friend Adam Rajab at Al Gharib, of which 2 tracks from their incredible 32-track compilation, LE BEIRUT, features. It’s out on Bandcamp with all profits donated to Proud Lebanon & Anera Organisation. 

What's your best dance floor memory?

The ones that will always stick with me are the ones which shaped my music taste and even my identity, the fondest memories I have of my ~formative years~ on the d floor…


Laila Sakini and Awesome Wales at Inner Varnika 2016 remains one of the most hypnotic dance floor memories of mine. Each Mania, Spin Club & Plastic Dreams party that I remember fondly. To be able to watch and dance to the Glamouratz & Zanzibar Chanel, or the endless hours spent dancing to the magic that was Yanni Sarantis at Power Station.


Each year at Hopkins Creek.


A notable mention to Club Mug and Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball Tour, and to all the sweat towels I have lost on these dancefloors.

Who are the artists you most want to see play when dancefloors open back up, and at what clubs/festivals? 

I’ve been in slight hibernation mode from the dancefloor so am looking forward to checking out the upcoming Butter Sessions parties as well as what else Millú & Pjenné have in store for us with their new label, Companion. Also shaking my guza @ Hopkins Creek of course.


The mix features an unreleased track from Zambezi Moon who brought some serious energy to a park party I played at a few weeks ago, definitely one to keep an eye on.


I want to continue seeing the community supporting each other, with the range of eclectic sounds and styles that have formed a foundation for an exciting and ever-evolving music scene post lockdown. The hybridity in bookings across the community has been something that I’ve enjoyed watching expand, with DJs, live music and performance carefully considered in curation, as well as visuals, lighting and spatial design as events continue to be thrown in unique settings and spaces. We must continue to ensure more inclusive and diverse line-ups, traversing both genres, cultures and communities, focusing on collective collaboration and community support.

"This mix is dedicated to..."

Keegan Walker, forever.

"Laila Sakini and Awesome Wales at Inner Varnika 2016 remains one of the most hypnotic dance floor memories of mine."

"I am constantly inspired by the immense amount of talent by which I am surrounded, the beautiful support network I have around me and the diverse creative scene in Naarm/Melbourne, spanning a range of art forms."

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