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How have you been doing? What have you been working on? And what's been inspiring you lately?

I have been doing well. Getting back on top of my mental health after what was a very challenging year. Spending lots of time with the people I love and really focusing on music listening and creation. I make music under the moniker OK EG alongside my partner Matthew Wilson so we have been preparing a live set for some upcoming shows which is really exciting. I have and continue to be inspired by those around me.

Tell us about this mix. 

I wanted to make something textural but rhythmically focused with a fixed tempo. I like to set limitations when putting together mixes as I find interesting things can come from that. Particularly when warping tracks to slower tempos, there are so many new rhythms that emerge and the tracks degrade to a certain extent which gives the overall mix a consistent aesthetic and mood. I love each and every track as I think collectively they tell a story but standouts would be Konduku, Iota, Eastern Distributor, Vladimir Gnatenko and LOIF. I found most of these tracks through Bandcamp and artists sharing them with me. I recorded this mix at home after returning from a 3 day hike so nature and wide open landscapes were on my mind.

What's your best d-floor memory?

Top moments for me on the dancefloor would have to be Moopie at Inner Varnika and Donato Dozzy at Pitch. Another is when Matt and I played in Little Morocco for Chomley at Hopkins Creek. The whole space was heaving and people were dancing all around us, it was really special. I have been looking back fondly on so many experiences at festivals and am really looking forward to when we can come back together and do that again.

Who are the artists you most want to see play when dancefloors open back up, and at what events?

There are so many artists and DJs I want to see I can’t pick! My main focus for now is continuing to support local artists, labels, DJs, venues and festivals whenever the opportunity comes up. It would be great to see the return of Inner Varnika this year. The lineup for 2020 was insane so hoping to be amongst friends on that dfloor real soon. Also Hopkins Creek! They are such amazing festivals and when I’m producing or putting together a mix I often think of those dancefloors when looking for inspiration.

Who does this mix go out to?

Anyone who is listening right now.

Zosia Kossak shot by Floss Dogg

Zosia Kossak, shot by Floss Dogg

Zosia Kossak, shot by Floss Dogg

Iota - Figment

Konduku - Şeker 5

Feral - Rara Lake

Wata Igarashi - Junctions

Forest Drive West - Dune

Vladimir Gnatenko - Die Nag

LOIF - Intel

Eastern Distributor - Forest Spirit

Feral - West Cliff

Emanuele Cefalì - Prora

Joining Primer for the first in our new Summer Mix Series is the Solo Project of OK EG's Lauren Squire AKA Zosia Kossak. An unstoppable force in the Melbourne underground, not even a global pandemic could impede tour de force releases on local imprints Steeplejack and Animalia.


"Zo-Sha" brings us a mix brimming with bassy delights and moody textures, including some outstanding tracks from local favourites Eastern DistributorIota & LOIF.

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